MobiCiD can help reveal things and facts that cannot be asked outright at times. Whether you want to expose a cheating spouse, carefully monitor your growing teenager or execute corporate espionage, TheOneSpy can help you accomplish nearly everything that you could wish for. What’s more? You can not only keep your loved ones safe but also create a backup for your own data by installing the application on your own device. Its usefulness extends to as far as your imagination can take you. Here are some more real life examples of how MobiCiD can make things more convenient for us:

  • Mothers can check on their babies by placing the monitored device near them at night or when they are with the babysitter.
  • Law enforcement agencies can pursue suspects and gain evidence against them. Moreover criminals released on bail can be tracked to see if there are any positive changes in behavior.
  • Nurses can monitor the activity of very critical patients 24/7 as well as track locations of elderly patients to check on their safety and wellbeing.
  • Men deployed in troops can provide devices with this software installed to their family members so that they can check on their safety at all times.