Frequently Asked Questions

What is MobiCiD and how is it installed?

MobiCiD is remote monitoring and monitoring software that you can install onto someone’s concerned smartphone or tablet to check upon their activities. This can be done through an online portal granted by us to our subscribers. All you need to access the information is a workable system and a stable internet connection. Moreover, you can install phone monitor app on your own smartphone to back up your phone data and monitor the activities on your phone in times of need such as a theft or a nasty kid trying to misuse your phone.

All it takes is three simple steps to get MobiCiD up and running!

  • Get hold of the targeted smartphone.
  • Install and activate MobiCiD on the phone.
  • Log in to your online account to view complete details of the phone’s data.

Is it legal to install MobiCiD Phone Monitor App?

When it comes to installing the software on your own phone, as a backup solution, you are the master of your own decisions. However, if you intend to install it onto someone else’s device, it is customary that you seek their consent or at least gain permission from them before proceeding. If you want further assurance, you can always refer to your country laws or read our legal disclaimer,because we use verification process after installation.

Is there any other way that MobiCiD can be installed without accessing the phone physically?

Unfortunately not. There is no way going around it. One of the prerequisites of installing this application is to have physical access to the device itself. If looked into deeply, it actually maintains privacy and prevents unnecessary prying into the affairs of others such as installing it onto your neighbor’s device, just for the sake of curiosity, would be a highly unethical and immoral act. Requiring physical access to the device rules out such odd possibilities and keeps misuse in check.

Is MobiCiD like any other monitoring in the market?

No, it is not so. This point, however, needs a bit of clarification. Monitoring, by definition, is any program that can be installed remotely without requiring human intervention. MobiCiD however needs the device to be physically accessed and manually installed. Not only that, it works in harmony with all the major antivirus software, unlike monitoring that creep into our systems in viral forms and are caught and detected by antiviral programs. This also rules out the possibility of MobiCiD being a monitoring as it is never detected and manifested as well as after activation.

Does MobiCiD offer any user manual that can be read before purchase to understand the functioning of the program?

MobiCiD offers an intelligent installation wizard on your online control panel that takes you step by step through the entire installation process. This eliminates the need for any manuals to be provided publicly. Still, if you have any queries related to the product or need any further help with the installation process, our top notch and friendly customer support team is always there to guide and facilitate you in any possible way that it can.

Is it advisable to send the target device to far off places such as another state?

Once installed, further upgrading and maintenance of the software requires human intervention. This means that newer versions of the software are not upgraded automatically and require the device to be physically accessed (Except Some models on rooted format). Hence sending the target device to far off places is certainly not recommended.


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