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Frequently Asked Questions

Something not making sense? Stuck on weird things you find confusing? There’s a plethora that you might want to know about MobiCiD and we’ve built this FAQ section just for you. Check out the different question to see if you can find what you’re looking for.

What is MobiCiD and how is it installed?2022-06-01T05:42:25+00:00

MobiCiD is remote monitoring and monitoring software that you can install onto someone’s concerned smartphone or tablet to check upon their activities. This can be done through an online portal granted by us to our subscribers. All you need to access the information is a workable system and a stable internet connection. Moreover, you can install phone monitor app on your own smartphone to back up your phone data and monitor the activities on your phone in times of need such as a theft or a nasty kid trying to misuse your phone.

All it takes is three simple steps to get MobiCiD up and running!

  • Get hold of the targeted smartphone.
  • Install and activate MobiCiD on the phone.
  • Log in to your online account to view complete details of the phone’s data.
How do I get started with cell phone monitor app?2022-06-01T05:46:17+00:00

Once you have purchased the product, all you need to get started is to get the target smartphone in your hand. But before that you need to retrieve the credentials sent by the company to your online account. It goes without saying that you need a computer (or any workable system) as well as an internet connection to achieve that. The same username and password will be later used to install the software on the target device.

It is important to note that the monitored device should be compatible with the TOS requirements and should be powered by an internet connection at all times. This is so because MobiCiD does not work on mobile phones other than smartphones or a smartphone lacking an internet connection or the one that does not fulfill its operational requirements. It is necessary for an iPhone to be jailbroken but when it comes to an Android device; the software works both for rooted as well as unrooted devices. The software also fails to work for smartphones and tablets that run on an incompatible OS version.

Is it Easy to Install MobiCiD Tracker App?2022-06-01T06:07:28+00:00

Installing MobiCiD is very easy and simple, just like any other application that you download and install on your phones and tablets. Not to say for Android, but if your iPhone is not jailbroken yet, it may take some level of technical expertise to achieve that. If you need any technical assistance, you can always contact our support team that is there to help you 24/7.

Once you have purchased the product, all you need to get started is to get the target smartphone in your hand. But before that you need to retrieve the activation key (machine generated code i.e. activ43b2h5jp) and the phone tracker app download link, sent by the company to your registered email. It goes without saying that you need a stable and good internet connection to achieve that. The same activation key will be later used to activate MobiCiD app on the target device.

It is important to note that the monitored device should be compatible with the TOS requirements and should be powered by an internet connection at all times. This is so because MobiCiD does not work on mobile phones other than smartphones or a smartphone lacking an internet connection or the one that does not fulfill its operational requirements. It is necessary for an iPhone to be jailbroken but when it comes to an Android device; the software works both for rooted as well as non-rooted devices. The software also fails to work for smartphones and tablets that run on an incompatible OS version.

Is MobiCiD like any other monitoring in the market?2022-06-01T06:20:20+00:00

No, it is not so. This point, however, needs a bit of clarification. Monitoring, by definition, is any program that can be installed remotely without requiring human intervention. MobiCiD however needs the device to be physically accessed and manually installed. Not only that, it works in harmony with all the major antivirus software, unlike monitoring that creep into our systems in viral forms and are caught and detected by antiviral programs. This also rules out the possibility of MobiCiD being a monitoring as it is never detected and manifested as well as after activation.

Does MobiCiD offer any user manual that can be read before purchase to understand the functioning of the program?2022-06-01T06:12:22+00:00

MobiCiD offers an intelligent installation wizard on your online control panel that takes you step by step through the entire installation process. This eliminates the need for any manuals to be provided publicly. Still, if you have any queries related to the product or need any further help with the installation process, our top notch and friendly customer support team is always there to guide and facilitate you in any possible way that it can.

Is it advisable to send the target device to far off places such as another state?2022-06-01T06:13:15+00:00

Once installed, further upgrading and maintenance of the software requires human intervention. This means that newer versions of the software are not upgraded automatically and require the device to be physically accessed (Except Some models on rooted format). Hence sending the target device to far off places is certainly not recommended.

Is there any other way that MobiCiD can be installed without accessing the phone physically?2022-06-01T06:14:32+00:00

Unfortunately not. There is no way going around it. One of the prerequisites of installing this application is to have physical access to the device itself. If looked into deeply, it actually maintains privacy and prevents unnecessary prying into the affairs of others such as installing it onto your neighbor’s device, just for the sake of curiosity, would be a highly unethical and immoral act. Requiring physical access to the device rules out such odd possibilities and keeps misuse in check.

If the target phone is protected by an unknown password, can I still install MobiCiD? Can your team help me in tracking the password in some way?2022-06-01T06:15:53+00:00

The answer is simply no. Neither can we help you in bypassing any passwords, nor can you install MobiCiD without opening the lock to the device itself.

Which smartphones are supported by MobiCiD?2022-06-01T06:23:12+00:00

MobiCiD currently supports the following smartphones and operating systems:

  • BlackBerry – Must be running OS 5.x – 7.1 only and not locked by a passcode
  • iPhone – Must be running iOS 6.x – 8.0 that can be jailbroken and is not locked by a passcode
  • Android – Must be running Android OS 2.3.6 – 5.1.1 – 6.1 – 7.0 ­ and not locked by a passcode

MobiCiD app cannot support China smartphones and tablets devices; even they packed with the OS versions mentioned above.

How much time does it approximately take to install a phone monitor app onto the target device?2022-06-01T06:24:11+00:00

Depending on the proficiency of the person installing the application and the model of the phone under consideration, times may vary but generally it takes no more than 3-5 minutes to install the software on any compatible device.

Is it legal to install MobiCiD Phone Monitor App?2022-06-01T06:25:09+00:00

When it comes to installing the software on your own phone, as a backup solution, you are the master of your own decisions. However, if you intend to install it onto someone else’s device, it is customary that you seek their consent or at least gain permission from them before proceeding. If you want further assurance, you can always refer to your country laws or read our legal disclaimer,because we use verification process after installation.

How exactly is the data transferred from the target device to my online account?2022-06-01T06:26:14+00:00

In order for the data to be transferred from the device to your private control panel, it is very important for the device to be backed up by a strong internet connection that works flawlessly and is turned on at all times. This could be through Wi Fi (as long as the phone is within the range of a signal), 3G or GPRS.

It is to note however that phones with slow internet connections may face delay in the uploading of data in general and media files such as photos, audios and videos to the online account. Moreover, If at any time, the phone loses its internet connectivity completely, as is the case when the phone is out of the range of a signal or the internet is turned off (the Airplane mode), MobiCiD will keep on gathering and storing data as usual, only to be uploaded to your online account once the connection to the internet is restored.

Does MobiCiD only upload data that is in English language?2022-06-01T06:27:34+00:00

Luckily, no. MobiCiD is multilingual monitoring software that captures and uploads data in all languages and their original forms. It doesn’t matter if the recorded conversation was in Arabic or the SMS were in Chinese language. MobiCiD won’t change a bit of it. It will upload everything as it is.

Am I subjected to certain limits when it comes to storing data on my online account at MobiCiD?2022-06-01T06:28:31+00:00

TOS currently offers a data storage capacity of 500 GB but it can be extended as per the need of the user. It is to be noted that more advanced TOS packages such as Xtream and Premier come with built-in extended storage capacities much higher than their inferiors, We only held data 45 days in our end.

In what ways can MobiCiD be helpful?2022-06-01T06:31:41+00:00

MobiCiD can help reveal things and facts that cannot be asked outright at times. Whether you want to expose a cheating spouse, carefully monitor your growing teenager or execute corporate espionage, TheOneSpy can help you accomplish nearly everything that you could wish for. What’s more? You can not only keep your loved ones safe but also create a backup for your own data by installing the application on your own device. Its usefulness extends to as far as your imagination can take you. Here are some more real life examples of how MobiCiD can make things more convenient for us:

  • Mothers can check on their babies by placing the monitored device near them at night or when they are with the babysitter.
  • Law enforcement agencies can pursue suspects and gain evidence against them. Moreover criminals released on bail can be tracked to see if there are any positive changes in behavior.
  • Nurses can monitor the activity of very critical patients 24/7 as well as track locations of elderly patients to check on their safety and wellbeing.
  • Men deployed in troops can provide devices with this software installed to their family members so that they can check on their safety at all times.
Does the phone need to be restarted after the completion of installation?2022-06-01T06:33:34+00:00

A restart may be necessary if the phone is a Symbian Anna or Belle based phone. If you wish to hide the super SU icon that appears during installation, a respiring becomes imperative for all iPhones as well as for some rooted Android phones. Given below is a short recap.

  • For iPhone, a restart (respiring) is required once after the completion of installation
  • For Android, if you choose to hide the SuperSU icon, then a restart is required for some rooted devices.
  • For Blackberry no restart is required.
How can I be sure that my data on your MobiCiD server is stored securely?2022-06-01T06:34:26+00:00

Firstly, each user is granted a secure username and password that no one else can possibly access. Secondly. The online account uses AES/PKI Encryption along with HTTPS Encryption which ensures complete safety of your online data.

Can MobiCiD be installed on an iPhone that has not been jail broken first?2022-06-01T06:35:10+00:00

No. we stop selling Jail-break app for iPhone, but in future we have plan launch iOS Parental Monitoring Solution through Apple ID, with maximum Verification.

Is it necessary for an Android device to be rooted first, in order to install MobiCiD?2022-06-01T06:39:45+00:00

MobiCiD offers two types of application versions, one is rooted version and the second one is unrooted version.

Rooted version:

Rooted version empowers users to use all the rooted features of MobiCiD monitoring application, but the device needs to be rooted first. In case if the user doesn’t want to root their device then he/she will be able to use unrooted features only. Rooted features are all IM’s social App / instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Tinder, Line, Yahoo and many others. Premier app version of MobiCiD contains all the rooted and unrooted features. To check rooted and unrooted features visit the general Features page

Premier version:

Premier version is a public name of MobiCiD app rooted version. If user willing to buy this particular premier version then he/she can use all the rooted features if the target android device is rooted otherwise he/she may just use the unrooted features.

Unrooted version:

Un-rooted version will support only un-rooted features such as monitor on messages feature includes text messages, call logs, Contact list, bookmarks and browsing history. Track GPS location features along with the GPS location tracker, view their location history, view current and GPS location. Appointments, Calendars, Sim Change Notification etc. Un-Rooted Version of MobiCiD available in Lite and X-Lite packages. It can install on all the unrooted compatible android devices and can get logs of all static data.

Is it legal to use MobiCiD monitoring app?2022-06-01T06:41:39+00:00

Yes, it is legal to use MobiCiD. MobiCiD monitoring application was developed and carefully designed to support parents, guardians and employers to keep their children protective and the staff productive. MobiCiD Application allows its user to make the application’s icon visible or hidden in the targeted device after completing installation which makes it more user trusted application worldwide.

Is it possible to monitor multiple devices from one MobiCiD license at the same time?2022-06-01T06:43:00+00:00

License for one account enables you to pursue one target. So, it is obvious that if you want to monitor more than one person simultaneously, you would need multiple licenses for that. However, the good news is that MobiCiD, with its unlimited device switch feature, enables you to monitor one suspect across multiple devices. This means no matter how much the target tries to dodge you out of it by making frequent switches from one device to the next; you can stay on it and that also using a single license. In the scenario of switching device, the subscriber will inform us and can download the respective version as per the device compatibility.

What ? After I submit Abuse Reporting.2022-06-01T06:44:05+00:00

If we find your device IMEI or Serial number with your provided cell phone number in our records, then we immediate suspend license and inform you, by email with complete buyer information and data records what we got during buying and verification process, please note our provided records are helpful only for further investigation as well as for law enforcement agencies and we not take responsibility for domestic Violence.

Can I record phone calls using MobiCiD?2022-06-01T06:45:03+00:00

Yes. Call recording feature is activated for Xtream and Premier packages of MobiCiD. This holds true for Android devices only. All you need to do is to enable call recording feature from your online dashboard. Once activated, all the calls will be automatically recorded and uploaded to your online account, where you can listen to them at your convenience.

Which images can I view on their phone and tablets?2022-06-01T06:45:49+00:00

You can view a wide range of photos including those taken by the device itself, sent via MMS or downloaded using the internet. You can not only view the photos taken after the installation of the software but any previous ones too, using the Historical Media feature. Images set as wall paper for the home screen can also be viewed.

Which file formats are supported by MobiCiD for multimedia files?2022-06-01T06:47:36+00:00

MobiCiD grabs the following formats for the images and audio-video files from the targeted phone and uploads it to your online account.

  • Videos: CGM, SVG, ODG, EPS, PDF, SWF, WMF, XPS, EMF, EMF+, EMZ, MP4, WMV, ASF, 3GP, 3G2, M4v, AVI
  • Audio: MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR, AMR_WM, QCP, WMA, MIDI, RA, PCM, AIFF, BWF, au, MP4, WAV
Does MobiCiD offer any kind of discounts?2022-06-01T06:48:53+00:00

We do not maintain any ongoing discounts on our product; however any current promotions are boldly displayed on our Home Page at https://mobicid.com/

There are some exceptions to the rule, however. We offer a volume discount on purchase of bulk licenses. But in order to avail the discount, the customer him/herself needs to notify us immediately before he/she requests to purchase licenses in bulk.

Do I get any form of discount on buying multiple licenses of MobiCiD?2022-06-01T06:49:43+00:00

On purchase of bulk licenses simultaneously or within, you qualify for our volume discount scheme. In order to avail this discount, you need to simply submit a support ticket to us on our website along with the details of the purchased licenses. This will give us room to check all the devices for compatibility and then craft a volume discount based on the number of compatible phones.

I am interested in reselling MobiCiD. Do you offer a reseller scheme?2022-06-01T06:50:37+00:00

No, We stop Affiliates program from 1st January, 2018. Due to illegal promotion from various affiliates of our products.

How long do I have to wait for the welcome email to be received after the purchase?2022-06-01T06:51:23+00:00

In case that the provided email address is a valid one, you should expect the welcome e mail within minutes of your purchase. Don’t forget to check the junk/spam folder as sometimes, the email may be routed to that folder.

When do I get my activation code?2022-06-01T06:51:59+00:00

You will receive the activation code at its specific step during the installation process. Once you grab hold of the device and login to your account from there, the installation wizard will guide you through the installation process. The activation code will appear at its designated position during the process.

When does my one-year MobiCiD subscription start? After the purchase itself or at the time of activating the software on the phone?2022-06-01T06:52:48+00:00

Your one-year subscription starts immediately after the purchase of the product. In order to take complete advantage of our 3 day refund policy and to make the most out of your purchase, we recommend that you activate the program on the target device as soon as possible.

How soon can I start monitoring after the installation and activation of MobiCiD on the target device?2022-06-01T06:53:41+00:00

Once the software is successfully installed and activated on the target device, simply log in to your online account from any system such as a computer to set up your preferences for the features that you would like to use.

What is MobiCiD Verification Process?2022-06-01T06:54:34+00:00

We required, Buyer Full name, Address, Cell Phone number, Target user’s Full name, Relation, Age and Target Cell Phone number, after that we will verify both cell phone number by SMS code or direct calling by persons to know he/she consent or willing to install this app.

If we not getting verification by 5 days, then we will suspend license and contact Target user to investigate further.

Who do I look forward for technical support, if needed?2022-06-01T06:55:40+00:00

Our best breed customer support team is available to help you round the clock. If you need any technical assistance, simply click the Chat button to live chat with our support team members or press the Help button to leave a message for our team and they will surely get back to you. You can also send us a support ticket via Customer Support MobiCiD

What are the support hours extended by MobiCiD?2022-06-01T06:56:44+00:00

MobiCiD Support is available 24/7 providing presales support via live chat and Customer Support MobiCiD

How do I access the data on my MobiCiD online account after purchase?2022-06-01T07:00:02+00:00

Once you receive a welcome e-mail from MobiCiD, it will contain the following information:

  • Dashboard login URL :
  • Username : Test.Tester101
  • Password : 14245868
  • Activation Code : ##125****

Using your computer/Smart Device and the details provided you can log in to your online account from the target device and get going with the installation.

Can I access my MobiCiD online account from a tablet or a smartphone apart from a PC?2022-06-01T07:00:50+00:00

Yes, the application works equally well on a tablet or a smartphone as on a PC.

I don’t seem to be pleased with MobiCiD services. How do I get a refund?2022-06-01T07:01:40+00:00

Our refund policies for different products vary according to the terms of the subscription at the time of purchase. It is advised that you carefully read and understand the policy for the purchased product in order to be completely aware of your eligibility for a refund as well as your refund rights.

In addition, you can also throw a support ticket requesting a refund, as long as it complies with the terms and conditions stated in our refund policy.

Fine. I did submit a request for refund at MobiCiD. How long will I have to wait before I get my money back?2022-06-01T07:02:26+00:00

We process all your requests and answer your queries within 24hours of receiving them. However, it may approximately take a week for the money to be refunded back to you, owing to a delay in proceeding at the bank end.

Nobody got back to me from your support team even though I submitted a ticket to the MobiCiD? What to do?2022-06-01T07:03:18+00:00

It may take around a day for our team members to reply to your tickets. We try to reply at the earliest but for technical issues that require greater insight and troubleshooting, it may take a bit longer. So you may have to wait a bit longer as we work with our development team to resolve any mind bogglers. Nevertheless, our team will get back to you, sooner or later, and keep you apprised of the situation.

I log in to my account with the credentials that MobiCiD gave me but repeatedly get the message that my details are incorrect. What am I missing?2022-06-01T07:04:34+00:00

A common error that many users commit, is that they forget to include the prefix ‘user’ when punching in their username

For example if your username was user123456 and your password was xyz and you tried to log in as 123456 and xyz it will not work.

Note: Usernames and passwords are case sensitive so please make sure that your Caps Lock key is not turned on as it may lead to an error with the entered username or password.

Is the username and password for my online account changeable?2022-06-01T07:05:13+00:00

Certainly! Once logged in simply click the Account tab and you can change the username and password from that menu.

I purchased MobiCiD but never received a welcome e mail. When do I get it?2022-06-01T07:05:56+00:00

The welcome e mail goes to the email address that you enter at the time of purchase. You need to be sure that you did not misspell anything in your email address, as it can occur frequently. If you are sure that you typed in the correct email id, then don’t forget to check your junk folder as the email may have accidentally landed in there. For further assistance, contact our support team.

At what times is the data uploaded from the target phone to my MobiCiD online account?2022-06-01T07:06:50+00:00

The data uploading is a continuous process, however it can be tuned to suit your needs. You can opt for instant updates as the event occurs, if the time of occurrence is what matters the most. In case you want to save up on your battery life, you can set a suitable interval for data delivery, let’s say every hour to once a day. By default, data is delivered automatically as each event occurs or every hour, provided the target device has a working internet connection. The same holds true for location tracking that is enabled parallel to the installation and is uploaded every 20 minutes.

How can victim report, if being monitored against personal will ?2022-06-01T07:07:49+00:00

In-case your devices are being monitored by someone using the MobiCiD software without taking your consent, you can report abuse/Violation by below link and you just need to provide significant information.

Report Abuse and Violation

Why MobiCiD sell application with strict rules?2022-06-01T07:08:36+00:00

Cyber bullying and stalking activities falls under cyber crimes that damages the victims emotionally, mentally and physically. That’s why MobiCiD is always been the hardliner against the evil activities performed by the online predators and has developed tools to protect the children and facilitate the parents to do digital parenting.

What are events? How frequently are they updated?2022-06-01T07:09:13+00:00

Any activity that happens over the phone is termed as an event. For example one SMS or one GPS reading would be considered as one event. By default, the software uploads data after each event or 15 Mins. elapsed in case no event takes place. This way, the data captured from the target phone can be uploaded frequently and effectively.

What if I can’t wait an hour? What if I want to view the data now?2022-06-01T07:09:56+00:00

We certainly respect your concerns. You can always change the settings for data uploading from your online account to suit your needs. Simply log in to your online dashboard and go to Settings > Change Upload Setings > Send and then all the captured data will be uploaded immediately. But do keep in mind that multimedia files such as photos, audios and videos have a larger file size and are therefore prone to delay in getting uploaded. Similarly when you send a command from your control panel to the target device, it will take approximately one hour to get processed, as per default settings.

Can MobiCiD help me filter specific information through my entire online MobiCiD data?2022-06-01T07:10:57+00:00

MobiCiD definitely realizes how important it may be for you to find information quickly, at certain times. So, that was certainly kept in mind when designing the application.Simply log in to your online account and click the advanced search button in the top-right corner.

You can narrow down your search by selecting a specific keyword and specifying a date range over which you hope to find the desired information. No more wasting of time scrolling from one page to the other. The search wizard can automatically skim through phone calls, SMS, e-mails, MMS, websites, Notes and Instant Messages, bringing you the accurate results each and every time.

Am I running the latest version of MobiCiD? How can I be ever so sure?2022-06-01T07:12:02+00:00

In order to find out the latest version number of MobiCiD and a list of improvements on the product, just log in to your online account and click the Help tab > Reference Manuals > Version History.

To view which software version are you actually running, log in to your online account and click the Profile tab. You will then see a column titled Product Version and the version number will be listed.

In order to achieve optimum performance and gain advantage of the new features and software improvements, we always recommend that you use the latest version of MobiCiD.

What is the exact procedure to switch my MobiCiD license from one device to the next especially that works on a different platform (e.g. iPhone to Android)?2022-06-01T07:13:27+00:00

The procedure to switch between different platforms is very simple and user friendly at MobiCiD. Just log in to your online portal and click the Help tab > Reference Manuals > Deactivation and Uninstallation and send the command to the target phone for deactivation followed by uninstallation.

Once this is done, it means all the history has been erased and you are eligible to take a fresh start. Grab the new device and log in to your online account from there. The installation wizard will appear again and guide you through the installation steps, only that you would be choosing a new platform for your device this time. You may choose to change platforms, fast and easy, as many times as you wish, under a single MobiCiD license. The only thing you need to be sure of is that the new device fulfills the essential requirements of MobiCiD before proceeding.

If I wish to upgrade my MobiCiD package, can I do so remotely, if I don’t have access to the phone itself?2022-06-01T07:15:23+00:00

Keeping your convenience in mind, MobiCiD is the first to present product upgrades remotely.

All you need to do is to log in to your online account and move to the HELP menu. There you can take up instructions regarding upgrade and make payment for the new package plan. Once the payment is confirmed, the software will be automatically upgraded.

Why was this FAQ section so lengthy and extensive?2022-06-01T07:16:24+00:00

Read so far? Bravo! You have learnt almost everything that you need to know about MobiCiD. Want to know why we did it so extensively? Basically, we want to remove ambiguities and confusions in the mind of our readers. We want our customers to have a thorough knowledge of our product so they can make the most out of it. We wish to be completely open and transparent about our product, unlike our competitors who do succeed in making a grand show of their products but fail to deliver results. We want you to be completely happy with our product and recommend it to friends and family too! It is this vision that has helped us so far in outdoing others and delivering the most comprehensive smartphone monitoring software on the market today.

How will MObiCiD help me?2022-06-01T07:17:11+00:00

This app can help you sort through the lies and figure out the truth. Whether you are a parent who is trying to find out if their teen is up to no good, or an employer who is trying to ensure that company secrets aren’t leaked by employees – MobiCiD can show you the real picture.

The welcome e-mail does not contain any download link to installing MobiCiD. Does this mean that the email is a scam?2022-06-01T07:17:59+00:00

No, the email is not a scam. We do not send the download link in our welcome email nor any links to the user manual or other sections of our website. This is because they are not needed right there and then. Once you have the device at hand and the credentials in your brain, all you need is to log in to your online account and let the installation wizard guide you through the installation process. This includes instructions related to the download as well as the installation of the software.

How do things proceed once I have purchased MobiCiD?2022-06-01T07:19:08+00:00

Once you have successfully completed your purchase and entered the right e-mail address, you will receive a welcome e-mail from MobiCiD containing information regarding your credentials. The credentials, including a user name and a password will be later used to login to your online portal through a viable system such as a PC or a smartphone with a running internet connection. On your personalized user dashboard, you will an easy installation wizard that will take you sequentially through the entire installation process. Make sure to have the device you wish to install the software on, in hand, before you proceed with the instructions.

What happens if the target phone breaks or is damaged in some way?2022-06-01T07:19:50+00:00

We have a solution for that too! Simply contact our MobiCiD support team and let them know about the details of your new phone. They will check the new phone for compatibility with the software and then deactivate your existing license so that you can manually install the software on the new phone.

Is it possible to listen to live phone calls with MobiCiD?2022-06-01T07:20:31+00:00

No, currently MobiCiD does not offer live call interception feature. It just record calls for you to listen later on wards.

What is the best way to remain up-to-date with the latest news about MobiCiD?2022-06-01T07:21:21+00:00

Connect with us on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and receive daily updates on the software. All the changes are regularly updated on our website and even more can be gained from our blog that contains informative and relevant material related to our product. Still craving for more? Chat with our customer support team for further assistance and information.

We’d love to hear from you!

What happens if the target changes his/her SIM card? Will I have to reinstall it on the phone?2022-06-01T07:22:16+00:00

It is important to note that the software is installed on the phone and not the SIM card. As soon as the target changes the SIM, you will get a SIM change notification alert on your phone. To enable this feature, you need to log in to your online account and head over to Control Centre tab > Bugging Controls > Set Monitor Number. Then enter your own mobile phone number in the international format (e.g. +1XXXXXXXXX). Once you have upgraded these changes, you will always receive a SMS notification whenever there is a SIM change on the target device. As the SMS would be sent from the new number of the target device itself, you can easily note the number, without going through any hassle.

How do I make payment for buying MobiCiD?2022-06-01T07:23:37+00:00

Currently, we accept payments through following methods:

  • Credit Cards (Master Card/ Visa)
If I buy MobiCiD, will it show on my credit card statement?2022-06-01T07:24:34+00:00

The purchase will be listed as (MobiCiD Shop Pvt. Ltd) and it will not be mentioned that you purchased a monitoring app.

Does MobiCiD Offer Online Payment Security?2022-06-01T07:25:12+00:00

Yes, we offer a special online security featured named as 3D Secure. It protects credit card transactions carried out through Visa or MasterCard. This feature requires you to enter a onetime password that is sent to your given mobile number.

Why I require 3D code to complete the purchasing transaction?2022-06-01T07:26:52+00:00

This security service is for your own benefit as recently there has been many cases regarding online Credit Card misuses. Just to prevent this, we have added this online shopping security step in our purchasing process in which you will be asked to enter a security code to complete your purchase. Your bank will send you an email or an SMS regarding a security code at the last step of the purchase where you need to enter it else the purchase will be declined. This is required for each purchases, whether its a renewal or a new purchase.

Why am I missing out some of the SMS text messages in the Dashboard as I can see those messages in mobile but not in the SMS Logs?2022-06-01T07:27:41+00:00

The missing texts must involve emojis or smileys and we do not support the text involving any emoji or smileys as the whole text will be missed out. We only support Text message, not the smileys and emojis or any kind of MMS messages or Stickers.

How Does 3D Secure Avoid Unauthorized Transactions?2022-06-01T07:28:23+00:00

Our website is powered with 3D Secure online security feature. This feature generates a unique onetime password which is sent to the mobile number or email address of the valid credit card holder. The credit card holder has to enter the given password to complete the online transaction. This adds an additional level of security to the online payments by avoiding unauthorized transaction.

How will MobiCiD help me?2022-06-01T07:29:07+00:00

This app can help you sort through the lies and figure out the truth. Whether you are a parent who is trying to find out if their teen is up to no good, or an employer who is trying to ensure that company secrets aren’t leaked by employees – MobiCiD can show you the real picture.

Why should I trust you?2022-06-01T07:29:40+00:00

Good question. We provide a one of a kind experience where all the data we collect from your target is kept extremely safe. There is no question of anyone else seeing it except you, unless you yourself give them access. We haven’t made hundreds of customers happy just by doing nothing, you know.

Are you guys expensive as compared to your competition?2022-06-01T07:30:14+00:00

Not at all. To start with we’re offering you the highest number of features at the most competitive rates. In addition to which we have different packages that you can choose from based on your budget.

How do I buy an app from you guys?2022-06-01T07:30:54+00:00

The process is fairly easy. You can hit any of our buy now buttons and that’s all there is to it. Each step is explained pretty clearly, and the entire process will be over before you know it. Check out the How to Buy page for more information.

Okay so I’ve bought MobiCiD, now what?2022-06-01T07:31:49+00:00

This is when the magic begins. We typically send you a welcome email which has all your login information and details for activating and installing your app. Your payment will also be confirmed once it’s gone through our vendor. It’ll take you a few moments after this to install the app and then you can sit back and rest easy.

I have very little tech knowledge. What if I mess something up?2022-06-01T07:32:58+00:00

You won’t. Our installation process is so easy even your grandmother could follow it and get the job done. More info can be found on our How to Install page. Physical access: How often do I need it for the target phone? Actually after you install the app you will never have to touch the phone again. You just need a couple of minutes to install MobCiD, that’s it, if you need discreet version then required verification.

How do I use the app after Installation?2022-06-01T07:33:45+00:00

Login to your online account. The ID and password should be with you through our welcome email. All the information from your target phone will be uploaded to it on regular intervals. What if there’s a problem? Shoot us an email and we’ll deal with it immediately.

I got the license but there’s no welcome email or instructions?2022-06-01T07:34:17+00:00

Check your spam and junkmail folders to see if our email went there. If that’s not the case then let us know and we will fix the problem for you ASAP.

Can I switch phones under the same license?2022-06-01T07:35:08+00:00

Yes, you can! For switching the target device, you need to reset the activation code from your control panel. Reset activation code will allow you to re-use the code for your new device. After resetting the code, just install MobiCiD application onto the new phone and activate the app with the same activation key you use previously.

Note: Just keep in mind that the resetting of activation code will delete all your previous data from your control panel. So make sure to save all your data before resetting the activation code.

Is there any effect on battery consumption as the app is installed?2022-06-01T07:35:55+00:00

Yes the functionality of the app affects the battery when it’s installed and updates data for the first time. As in start there is a lot of data, it will make the cell phone use battery to some extent. MobiCiD is developed with perfect optimization and doesn’t let the phones eat up battery onwards.

What should I do if my log files are not updating?2022-06-01T07:36:36+00:00

When you don’t get updated log files, be patient and wait for some time. You don’t need to uninstall and reinstall MobiCiD again and again. For further technical support, you should consult the customer service department of MobiCiD service.