In purchasing and download the MobiCiD application software, the end-user hereby agrees to the following:

  • He or she will not use the MobiCiD service activities that go against the federal and state laws
  • Will not alter the MobiCiD application software’s functions and usability pertaining to the security features of the MobiCiD application software. These could be altering the application’s check on not allowing the copying of any content through the MobiCiD service or hamper the functionality by enforcing certain limitations to the use of the application software.
  • Not adversely affect the application like creating viruses to harm the functionality of the MobiCiD application software in general or affect another MobiCiD application software user’s experience.
  • Not Posting, storing, sending, transmitting or disseminating any data that oversteps the patents or any such intellectual property rights associated with the MobiCiD application software
  • Not using an automated interface in accessing the MobiCiD application software for the end-user’s own gains without our express permission. The end-user should also not use a modified version of the application software which would include (but not limited to) obtaining unauthorized access to or control of the MobiCiD service.
  • Neither selling or transferring your MobiCiD service account to another person nor granting access to that third-party.
  • Customers always follow and must obey conditions regarding billing and refunds.
  • Never downloading, installing and activating the MobiCiD application software on a cellphone that you don’t doing so without proper on-paper permission from the affected party.
  • Strictly avoid violation of the state, federal or local laws in your country
  • Prohibition from acquiring data from a cellphone using the MobiCiD application software that is not owned by the end-user or not having written consent from the owner of the particular device.

The MobiCiD application software along with any services herewith reserve the right to terminate or suspend the end-user’s access without due notice and any sort of liability attached based on a) MobiCiD service’s understanding that you are in direct violation of any of the clauses of the agreement, b) MobiCiD belief that you have intentionally and frequently infringed intellectual property rights bearing the application software in general or with respect to affected parties, c) have been extendedly inactive with respect to MobiCiD services or d) have not paid outstanding fees owed. Furthermore, these are in supplement to any other remedies that MobiCiD application service may have in terms of legal or equity grounds.


You hereby agree to not to indemnify MobiCiD service along with those affiliated with it in any way from a) any legal accusations like lawsuits, damages, etc, along with any arising fees paid to the attorney for such a situation, b) in the event you violate the right of another person or related party, or c) inability to uphold the terms of this Agreement by you. In such instances, when the MobiCiD service launches a defense for its cause, you are in agreement to offer your full support to that cause.


With respect to the legal framework that applies, MobiCiD service along with those affiliated to its (not limited to) development and circulation, will not bear the responsibility of paying any form of special, punitive, incidental, and any similar damages with respect to your experience of using the MobiCiD application software, despite MobiCiD service being informed of the potential of such possibilities arrising. However, the extent of the overall liability that the MobiCiD service owes you would not be over the amount of: a) the total amount you pay for accessing the MobiCiD service for a period of 12 months before your initial cliam or, b) a total of 1000 dollars. The total damages would depend upon whichever of the two is greater.


The MobiCiD Service, along with all the supplementary content and material including (but not limited to) trademarks, copyrights, visuals, code, etc are under the sole ownership of the MobiCiD service and its affiliated parties. The end-user is only bound to make use of the application software to the extent that is covered expressly in their purchased license and the end-user is in agreement to adhere to that limitation.


As a user of the MobiCiD service you hereby agree that you will not: a) try reproducing the MobiCiD application software in any way; b) alter the MobiCiD application software in any way to fit your own needs; c) affect the current functionality and features of the MobiCiD application software; d) reverse engineer the application software or access the source-code of the application; e)loan out, sell, rent the MobiCiD application software to another part; f) commercialize the use of the MobiCiD application software and will only put the MobiCiD application software to use for your own requirement as per agreement and law; g) change any of the material like (but not limited to) copyrights, logo or any other identifying factor of the MobiCiD application software along with any other software used in conjunction with the MobiCiD application software.


MobiCiD application software allows the user the complete freedom of uploading user data which can be hosted, stored, shared and/or published by the end-user. However, it is assumed in good faith that the end-user will do so as per agreement and terms of service along with the applicable law. The end-user would take full responsibility for their own data and implied risks of storing and data transmission.

MobiCiD service will not be held responsible in any manner with respect to the data shared by the end-user or in the event that the data is being monitored if we have reason to believe that it is being done so inappropriately or against the law. Moreover, MobiCiD neither endorses nor controls the quality of data being uploaded by the end-user. Furthermore, we are fully justified to prevent the end-user from uploading data or to remove it altogether for a reason we deem appropriate at any given time frame.

MobiCiD service may also utilize the data you submit to determine your location, also known as User Data. The act of downloading, purchasing the subscription for the MobiCiD application software you hereby agree to all of the above with respect to the conditions set in our Privacy section. MobiCiD service also doesn’t guarantee or claim to guarantee how accurate, complete and timely that Location Data would be.


The Terms of Service and usability criteria may undergo changes with the passage of time. However, all such changes will be posted on MobiCiD service website and the end-user would be bound to adhere to those changes as long as he or she is still using the MobiCiD application software.


MobiCiD service is purchased on a subscription. In the instance that you would like to purchase that subscription you would need to pay via your credit card. Depending on the type and duration of the subscription package you choose, We offer a onetime payment to get subscription for a desired period. The period may vary depending on the package customer selects. The customer has to renew the service manually after the completion of subscription period. Our team makes sure that the renewal process is simple and easy. All you need to do is enter the 3D code to complete the payment process after which your current subscription will be renewed right away. In other words, you do not need to install or download the service to renew the subscription. The customer also has the right to cancel the subscription at any time. However, we do not offer a refund or reimbursement for service payment in this case. Once you have activated the subscription, we are not liable to refund the payment even if you cancel it before reaching its completion.