MobiCiD offers two types of application versions, one is rooted version and the second one is unrooted version.

Rooted version:

Rooted version empowers users to use all the rooted features of MobiCiD monitoring application, but the device needs to be rooted first. In case if the user doesn’t want to root their device then he/she will be able to use unrooted features only. Rooted features are all IM’s social App / instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Tinder, Line, Yahoo and many others. Premier app version of MobiCiD contains all the rooted and unrooted features. To check rooted and unrooted features visit the general Features page

Premier version:

Premier version is a public name of MobiCiD app rooted version. If user willing to buy this particular premier version then he/she can use all the rooted features if the target android device is rooted otherwise he/she may just use the unrooted features.

Unrooted version:

Un-rooted version will support only un-rooted features such as monitor on messages feature includes text messages, call logs, Contact list, bookmarks and browsing history. Track GPS location features along with the GPS location tracker, view their location history, view current and GPS location. Appointments, Calendars, Sim Change Notification etc. Un-Rooted Version of MobiCiD available in Lite and X-Lite packages. It can install on all the unrooted compatible android devices and can get logs of all static data.